9 TV shows that don’t deserve their Golden Globe nominations this year — sorry – Business Insider

As anyone invested in pop culture has no doubt seen before, just because you love the book doesn’t mean the TV or film adaptation will live up to your expectations. Everything else in this category is fairly strong — “The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story,” “Escape at Dannemora,” “A Very English Scandal,” and especially “Sharp Objects” all came out swinging and make all the sense in the world as nominations.

“Last year, Netflix’s ‘Mindhunter’ drew audiences back to the mid-’70s early days of criminal psychology and profiling; TNT’s ‘The Alienist’ does the same, but journeys back quite a bit further, to 1893,” Allison Shoemaker wrote for Roger Ebert. “Those seeking a gorgeous, gothic costume drama will find it here. So will those hungering for a pulpy, bloody mystery or two. But if you’re in search of a nuanced exploration of violent minds, and of the minds belonging those who study them, you may be slightly disappointed. In the two episodes provided to critics, at least, “The Alienist” spends more time telling you what’s going on beneath the surface than allowing for any real depth to emerge. Here, subtext matters little. Wait long enough, and they’ll spell it all out for you in great big bloody letters.

Good serial killer dramas have been captivating audiences since long before the phrase was first coined, but “The Alienist” was uneven at best.

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